With 44 million people and the largest economy in Europe to be overhauled toward western standards, Ukraine has capital markets and trade finance opportunities galore. Adamant Capital is here to help align your financial services needs with these possibilities and, in this rapidly changing country, to keep you current on new ones as they arise. From debt and equities to factoring and restructuring, domestically in Ukraine or abroad, Adamant Capital's years of practice are at your disposal.
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November 27 – December 3, 2019
  • Ukraine’s CA deficit in October amounted to $0.7bln
  • DTEK’s 3Q19 EBITDA dropped by 33% YoY to $149mln
  • Kernel Holding’s 1Q20 EBITDA increased by 23% YoY to $73mln
November 20 – 26, 2019
  • Output of key economic sectors in October declined by 1.7% YoY
  • The consolidated budget over 10m19 demonstrated a UAH0.6bln deficit (0.0% of GDP)
  • The IMF mission has left Kyiv without a staff-level agreement
November 13 – 19, 2019
  • Real GDP in 3Q19 grew by 4.2% YoY (preliminary data)
  • The final version of 2020 budget was approved by parliament
  • The farmland market law has passed a first reading in parliament
  • The IMF mission has arrived in Kyiv
  • MHP’s 3Q19 EBITDA grew by 13% YoY to $132mln
Transparency of action

We encourage you to look over our shoulder, to see how we do what we do and why. You'll find that transparency and trust drive our commitment to excellence and the handcrafted solutions which suit your needs.

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Whether your solution requires some innovation or a time-proven foundation, your success comes first, for only your success can secure our reputation.

Top management
Elena Velikaya
Founder, CEO

Elena has over 10 years of experience in the fields of Corporate Finance, Investment Projects and Business Development Strategies. She acquired extensive experience while working at Sumitomo Corporation. She was later appointed Supervisor at Universal Investment Group, where she oversaw the sale of Bank Universalny to EFG EuroBank Swiss-Greek Group. Elena was also Deputy Chairman of Strategic and Investment Policy at Universalna insurance company. She organized the first private placement of shares in the Ukrainian insurance market. Elena received her Master’s degree in International Relations and Economics at the University of Kanazava, Japan, and also holds a Master’s degree in International Law from Kyiv State University of International Relations.