Effective solutions to problem debt settlement

Factoring, or the sale of future receipts to a third party, has been a part of trade finance for over three centuries. Factoring is used by Ukrainian firms to raise capital without the necessity of a large amount of disclosures. While best practices in this field are well defined, each case is unique, especially given country specifics. At Adamant Capital, we have a wealth of experience executing factoring deals and offering our clients individually tailored solutions.

Our experience has been defined by

  • More than ten years of successful work on problematic debts in the Ukrainian market
  • Settlement of the most challenging situations
  • Representing the interests of all stakeholders: business owners, banks and investors
  • Over 80 transactions for a total amount of more than 3 billion UAH

Our services

  • Problem loan restructuring in line with the latest legislation
  • Leading negotiations with banks
  • Buyouts of loans, mortgages, and claims through open bidding for you or third parties with an acceptable discount for all process participants
  • Search and selection of non-performing assets (companies on the verge of bankruptcy or those experiencing financial difficulties), their valuation, negotiations with the bank, coordination of the legal support
  • Valuation of assets and execution of more complex transactions with the help of our corporate finance team
  • Management and sale of properties obtained as a result of collection
Olena Demchenko
Head of Restructurings

Olena has over nine years of experience in providing financial services to financial institutions operating both in the financial services market and in the stock market. Olena is a certified specialist and trained in a program approved by the National Commission for Securities and Stock Market. She received her Master's Degree in Law from the Kyiv National University in 2003. T. Shevchenko. Olena has been working in the company since 2011.