Tailor-made investment policies for each of our clients

We take into account your individual needs, resources, and limitations when offering your investment ideas both in Ukraine and abroad.

Professionally created investment portfolios

Our company offers individual solutions that are designed for investors looking for strategies that target either steady growth, capital preservation, or high yield.

For corporates that have seasonal working capital needs we offer reliable and liquid instruments for temporary investment, such as government bonds.

Financial instruments

Corporate bonds in local and foreign currency
Equities listed on foreign exchanges
Domestic and external sovereign debt
Structured products
Foreign currency and hryvnia deposits
Investment strategies

The three pillars of asset management

Your unique needs are of paramount importance to us.

We create your portfolio taking into account your target return, appetite for risk, time horizon, and liquidity requirements. We are also happy to advise our clients on defining these parameters with regard to the specifics of their individual case.

Adamant’s commitment to your goals continues throughout the lifetime of your portfolio. We treat such investments as dynamic processes that are fine-tuned or even overhauled when opportunity calls. Ukrainian financial instruments are especially volatile and demand anything but a set-and-forget approach.

If you already have a portfolio elsewhere and are unhappy with its performance, reach out to us so that we can provide you with ideas on how to make the necessary adjustments.

Our team of analysts and sales managers collaborates closely in order to make the most of opportunities both on the Ukrainian market and abroad.

As the investment environment is highly dynamic, our team of analysts and sales managers will constantly provide you with the latest news concerning macroeconomics, politics, legislation and financial results of corporate issuers. We will also do our best to help you understand how the changes impact on your specific portfolio.

Yuriy Sozinov
Director, Investment Portfolio Manager

Yuri graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, specializing in Finance. He gained extensive experience with stocks and bonds, while trading on both Ukrainian and foreign exchanges for almost ten years. Yuri started his career in the Asset Management Department at Universal Insurance Company, and then managed the assets of mutual investment funds of CJSC AMC Universal. Since 2013 he has managed the portfolio of securities of the Adamant Capital group of companies and held the position of Director of Adamant Securities Ltd., which is licensed by the National Securities and Stock Market Commission for professional activity by the Ukrainian stock market regulator.

Dmytro Gumenyuk
Head of Sales and Marketing

After graduating from the Kyiv National Economic University with a degree in Banking, Dmytro began his career at the State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine. In his role of a corporate credit manager, he was in charge of transactions with large players in retail, industry, and energy for almost 12 years. His has extensive experience in analyzing financial reporting and business plans and also structuring and executing substantially sized deals with loans, guarantees, warrants, and factoring aspects. Dmytro also actively participated in the implementation of several successful projects involving restructuring of non-performing loans and reorganization of enterprises in various sectors of economy. He joined Adamant Capital in 2018.