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Your goals — our commitment

It comes through before and after the sale. You’ll find your inviting and knowledgeable sales manager ready to explain how your goals can best be realized in ways Ukraine and abroad.

If you’re new to Ukraine, or even new to investing, browse our services pages and talk with your sales manager about how we can best serve your goals and appetite for risk.

Our services


At Adamant, we specialize in a range of securities and especially on the bond markets.

Ukraine focused, we have the international reach required to invest in debt no matter where the security trades – be it London or Frankfurt as well as Kyiv. Our classical brokerage is especially suited to guide you through standard bond sales and purchases as well as repo (repurchase) agreements.

Tailor-made Repo

If you are ready for something a little more sophisticated, Adamant can create a bespoke repurchase agreement that can fit your risk appetite.

Rollover or fixed-term, our tailored agreements are anchored in securities to protect you in ways that deposits cannot. Ask your sales manager today about how our individually crafted repos can help you achieve your goals!

High-interest bank deposits

Adamant can place your funds in Ukraine’s top banks at the highest interest rates possible.

It may even sound unfair at first, but Adamant is a known and trusted partner for many of Ukraine’s top commercial banks. We have over 100 million hryvnya under management and an excellent reputation, which translates into higher interest rates from Ukraine’s top banks – something we can pass on to you.

Portfolio management

Whether you’re just starting off with Ukrainian securities and need a helping hand, or your portfolio includes the most sophisticated of instruments, you’ll find that Adamant’s portfolio management services reflect our commitment to your goals.

We view portfolio management as three important processes, each with its own characteristics. Click on each point to discover how we can help you at each step of the way.

  • 1.1 Portfolio formation

    There’s a simple explanation to the reason why we chose “Your goals – our commitment” as our motto. Simply put, it is the only way for us to think about creating your investment portfolio. Your needs are individual – even if you’re representing a large multi-national firm.

    You’ll find a welcoming ear when you describe your time horizon and your comfort level regarding risk. After all, even in the new Ukraine, the old rules on risk still apply. Maybe you need help in defining those points, and we can help with that, too.

    Once there is a mutual understanding, we can recommend a portfolio diversified both by asset and term to maturity. It’s an important point, and one where our commitment comes front-and-center.

  • 1.2 Portfolio management

    Adamant’s commitment to your goals continues throughout the life of your portfolio. We see a portfolio as dynamic, as something to be fine-tuned or even overhauled when opportunity calls. Investing in Ukraine’s market, with the important changes that it is going through, calls for anything but a set-and-forget approach.

    Do you already have a portfolio elsewhere that you think is underperforming? Contact us and let us show you how we can improve matters.

    Our team of analysts and sales managers works closely together to bring you the best possible advice on keeping your portfolio current with Ukraine’s opportunities.

  • 1.3 Insurance funds management

    Higher risk = higher return, right? Well, risk preferences can be quite personal and meeting them needs to take in a lot of factors. At Adamant, we found that for the Ukrainian market, a Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance strategy works well in mitigating risk and potentially raising profit in a bullish market over a more set-and-forget strategy. We form your insurance fund in line with your risk appetite as well as Ukrainian legislation. Like the market itself, both can change over time, so like with our Research, you can expect our team to reach out to you with the latest news on legislation and of course, discuss with you what risk means for you now.

Our sales & trading team

Yuri Sozinov

Investment Portfolio Manager for Eurobonds

Yuri has gained extensive experience with equities and fixed income during his 6 years of working on the Ukrainian capital market. He started his career with the Asset Management Department at Universal, and he later worked in mutual funds asset management at AMC Universal. Later, at Adamant Investments, Yuri was actively involved in securities trading on the stock exchange as well as portfolio management as head of the trading department. He has an in-depth understanding of the Ukrainian and foreign capital markets that he uses to great success as an of fixed-income instrument investment portfolio manager at Adamant Capital. Yuri graduated from Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University with a Specialist's degree in finance.


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