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Adamant publishes daily and weekly macro, FI and FX news to keep you abreast of Ukraine’s latest developments. Ukraine can be a rapidly changing news story and our analysts are sure to comment on headline news as well. So read up and then talk with your sales manager about what the news means for you.

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Konstantin Fastovets

Macro & fixed income lead research analyst

Konstantin Fastovets joined Adamant Capital after six years working as an investment analyst. He began his career at BG Capital, an investment boutique in Kyiv, where he shared research duties in the agricultural sector. Later, he joined Renaissance Capital, and then the Moscow office of Sberbank CIB (Troika Dialog). Konstantin earned a Master's degree in economics from the Kyiv School of Economics (EERC) and a degree from Duke University in the US with a double major in physics and mathematics.


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